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Yarn Directory in the galleries of our forum

We are inviting everyone to take part in our Yarn Directory!

What does ‘participation in the yarn directory’ mean?..

Well, it’s really easy. Say, you have knitted something, placed a picture into your Gallery. I bet you have used some kind of yarn which you already have in your albums as well, one way or the other.

So, enter the Yarn Directory. Look for the folder with the name of your yarn producer. If such a producer does exist, enter the folder and look for your yarn in the picture names. If this yarn is presented, add a preview of the picture of your knitted thing to the yarn comments and write your impressions of this yarn. Mention what colour you had, what the consumption and your needles size was. If you have already managed to shape the pattern, it would be great to have the link to the picture of your knitted pattern.

If you haven’t found your yarn in the manufacturer’s folder, choose the preview picture from your album and place the yarn to the directory. The name of the picture should be the yarn name, description should contain the yarn characteristics and the name of the manufacturer. Further, in the comments (after the yarn picture has been loaded), you will place your variant of using this yarn.

If you have not found your manufacturer’s folder — well, this means that this manufacturer hasn’t been included into our directory yeat. So, just place your yarn picture right into the directory, with the yarn name as the picture name and with the manufacturer and yarn characteristics in the description. The picture of what you have knitted using this yarn goes into the comments.

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