Attention of the Prize-Winners of our Festival from Ukraine!

Our forum is currently arranging prepayment of your gift certificates at a Ukrainian handicraft store. We hope that you will be glad to choose your prizes according to your liking. As the prizes are paid by the forum, we invite you to boast of what you’ve chosen, showing the pictures of your gifts :give_five: — and thank you to the forum, to all those who assist us in keeping balance in the prize fund for our participants!

First Prize

LORA, (2 certificates) 400 + 400 UAH 

Third Prize

black lady-cat — 150 UAH

LORA — 150 UAH

Special Prize («Crochet Enchantress 2009»)

LORA — 300 UAH

And here’s the info on the terms of using the certificates from the store administration:

We will pay for the delivery of both parcels to the prize-winners.

In case the chosen yarn is not available, we will arrange its delivery, provided it is available at the supplier’s store.

If the order amount is higher than the prize money, the ladies can pay the difference with a 5% discount off the yarn price shown at the website.

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