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Theme from the Person of the Year 2009 — Patchwork Knitting

It has already became a tradition to open a topic on behalf of the participant who became the Person of the Year at our forum. Here’s the topic from the Person of the Year 2009, Helen-Alene. Helen has chosen for us knitted patchwork. 
Greetings to all visitors! :flowers1: To all those interested in patchwork knitting and modular knitting technique.

I am not a professional, just an amateur. But still, I do have some experience, so should you have questions, I will do my best to assist you.

Here’s a jacket which I knitted for my son ages ago, using Horst Schultz’s method:

Кликните для просмотра

Here’s my knitted entrelack-shawl:

Кликните для просмотра
Dianna shawl

Squares for this bolster were knitted and sewn together after the layout was determined:

Кликните для просмотра
Striped squares

And now I’m knitting squares, joining them together with woolen cloth pieces crocheted around, thus making a cloth , see in more detail here: Patchwork for the sofa and armchair

If you are interested in this knitting technique, if you would like to discuss something in more detail, while in process, just drop in to this topic:  «Patchwork knitting: Questions and Answers»
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