Attention of the Prize-Winners of our Festival from Ukraine! Our forum is currently arranging prepayment of your gift certificates at a Ukrainian handicraft store. We hope that you will be glad to choose your prizes according to your liking. As the prizes are paid by the forum, we invite you to boast of what you’ve […]

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The Festival is over. Ready for a new one?

The First Festival is over, we already know the winners. One of the sponsors of our Festival, the «Kudel» online store, has already granted its prizes — certificates for making purchases in the store, to the prize-winners from Russia. In autumn we are planning to hold another Festival which will be dedicated to babies and […]

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Призы и подарки от спонсоров Фестиваля — Prizes and gifts from the Festival sponsors

Очень популярный в России Интернет-магазин «Кудель» предоставил лауреатам нашего Фестиваля призы. А теперь есть и темка, где лауреаты покажут нам, что именно им приглянулось в Интернет-магазине «Кудель». Посмотрим и мы, чем же порадовали лауреатов спонсоры, порадуемся вместе с героинями нашего Фестиваля! A  «Kudel» online shop, a webstore which is very popular  in Russia, has granted […]

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