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The Festival is over. Ready for a new one?

The First Festival is over, we already know the winners. One of the sponsors of our Festival, the «Kudel» online store, has already granted its prizes — certificates for making purchases in the store, to the prize-winners from Russia. In autumn we are planning to hold another Festival which will be dedicated to babies and […]

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Новости Книтти — Knitty news

Топы Маки и одуванчики, по мотивам My Little Citygirl вяжем вместе он-лайн Туника «Каскады» из MANI DI FATA модная и стильная! Присоединяйтесь!Летние шапочки, панамки Очаровательное летнее платье Poppy and Dandelion tops, after My Little Citygirl, knitting together on-line «Cascade» tunic from MANI DI FATA, trendy and stylish. Come along!Summer caps and Panama hats A fascinating […]

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